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Welcome to all the news, updates and gig listings for DIY underground bands based throughout the UK and Europe.  As Bloodstock ramps up the anti we’ll be hear to spread all the news on the bands, the shows and all the gossip.

As Bloodstock continues to go from strength to strength, so too does our annual Metal 2 The Masses campaign. Designed to foster and support upcoming talent, M2TM offers a platform for new bands to show us what they’ve got and battle it out for a coveted stage slot at Bloodstock itself.

M2TM is now a truly nationwide phenomenon (we’re gradually going international too!), and in 2015 heats were an unprecedented success. Alongside established partners in Liverpool, Brighton, Glasgow, Selby, Norwich, Luton, Reading, Cardiff, Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol, Birmingham, London, Dublin, and Sandnes (Norway), we been delighted to bring on board venues in Exeter, Wolverhampton, Crewe, Oxford, Corby, Burnley and Belfast. Bolstered by record turnouts and staggering displays of sheer talent, 2015 has witnessed by far the biggest M2TM initiative to date. Our wonderful sponsors Hobgoblin are also expanding their presence, presenting the Hobgoblin Newblood Stage, offering a new look and its very own Hobgoblin Bar.

This year already we’d like to welcome Poland, Leicester, Dewsbury and Inverness to the fray alongside welcoming back so many other regions in both the UK, Europe and Scandinavia.

During the past few months we’ve heard whining noises coming from faceless executives and business suits claiming that nothing is coming through in rock and metal and that the headliners of tomorrow are nowhere to be seen, well i say that gentlemen, from your lofty penthouse parapets it may look sparse, but from down here the talent, support and enthusiasm is as healthy as it’s ever been.

In May, I set out yet again on behalf of Bloodstock to seek out the best new music for the festival. Year on year M2TM has grown in stature, not only as a platform to get your band to Bloodstock but as importantly for bands to showcase to new audiences – audiences that have come out in droves to support and to open up to something new. Refreshing, exciting and humbling all in equal measure – 2015 M2TM has been a massive success.  So, in answer to the comments made by the suited execs – stop blaming bands, get off your high horse, and feel free to drop me a mail cos I’ll willingly offer up a multitude of bands that with time, investment and support could quite easily be your headliners of tomorrow!

None of this would be possible without all the promoters and venues, both in the UK and beyond, nor the bands and legions of fans who stay true to the scene through thick and thin – Bloodstock salutes you all!

Horns High!

Simon Hall


(Bloodstock M2TM, Production & Bookings)





The Metal 2 The Masses is sponsored by HOBGOBLIN ALE … along with support from METAL HAMMER, DEAN GUITARS, VOCALZONE, STAMPEDE PR, VERY METAL ART & GET YA ROCK OUT

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