M2TM Swindon – All four M2TM heats revealed!

* Shadows Of Serenity, Edenfalls & Black Forge will be first to set the example on February 25th

* Next up will be HERIOT, Ursus and Rollin Sixes on March 27th which also doubles up as part of the yearly VICFEST!

* April 28th will see a reunion of GHOST OF MACHINES, Spiral Key and Mouri will meet again, only this time it’s war!

* Last but not least will be Sleep Inertia, Homeland and Drip-Fed Empire battling for the last place in the Semi final!!

Only ONE band from each heat will be voted into the Semi-Final on June 9th where one band will be knocked out before the final on June 24th.
All shows will take place at the Victoria on the respective dates.
Entry to all shows will be the usual £4 Advance or £5 On The Door!

Keep your eyes open for Special Guest headliner announcements for these shows also!


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