With so much talk of smaller venues closing, artists finding it hard to be heard and yet the industry maintaining that we’ve never had it so good … then i think the floor is open to some healthy debate.

No one has all the answers for sure but with this page i’m looking to opening up civil and constructive debate where you can have your say and maybe, just maybe, we can start putting the pieces together to make it an more equal playing field for all.  The way i’ll approach this is by taking talking points such as ……

* Music downloads – pro and cons?
* The necessity of Agents, Management & Record Labels?
* Finding work within the Music Industry?
* Blacklisting Promoters – good move or bad idea?
* The necessity of Genre definitions – is this causing division in tastes?
* Approaching promoters – do’s and don’ts!

… and letting them roll with your input.

All i ask is that it’s kept civil and that we all appreciate that passion for the music we love, and wanting it to thrive, is the reasoning behind this kind of platform.

So lets do this.


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