So UK Music have recently pooled together members of the Music Producers Guild, PRS, Association of Independant Music, PRS, PPL and others.  The report is glowing with attributes and maintains that the total music industry is contributing a gross value of £4.1bn to the UK economy which is a major achievement, along with £2.1bn from exporting UK Music .. all of which we’ll all agree is a good thing right … but what does it mean to bands starting out, local promoters and the music buying public?

Screen shot 2015-11-06 at 08.46.20 (2)

Well for me at least it reads well and the fact there is an upturn can only be welcomed, but the bias reads top down for me and doesn’t reflect on the amount of venues closing, the reduction in gains from any bands recorded material and the fact promoters (at a certain level) are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet.

The other thing i would question is the reinvestment. Reinvestment? It maintains the spend on A&R has been £178m? £178m on finding new talent and building acts of tomorrow? Somehow i find that so hard to digest as pretty much most labels are scared to invest, unless the artist is established or on a meteoric rise .. that’s not me over exaggerating .. its fact.

Plus working in the industry i would have thought people on the ground (as in at gigs) to scout for these new acts?

I don’t see them at shows i attend and haven’t done for years.  Is it a case that the  report doesn’t look at it from where i’m standing?  Is the report more relating to the Coldplays and O2’s of this world as opposed to the smaller venues that are crying out for assistance?  Does this report throw a glowing light on an industry we can be secure in the future of or is it more relevant to the fact that the few have never had it so good?

Full Report –

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